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The New Meraki PER DEVICE Licensing model

Meraki has just released an optional way of licensing their products called PER DEVICE Licensing. 

The existing (and still available) Dashboard co-term model with one simple expiration date didn’t quite work for customers with conflicting budgeting processes, varying grants or site billing, or other accounting (non-networking) requirements. 

To address this, the optional PER DEVICE Licensing model offers the ultimate flexibility for licensing and offers a suite of new, exclusive features not offered on the co-term model:

  • Licence Devices Individually: Assign a license to a specific device (MR, MS, MX, MV, MG) or a network (in the case of vMX and SM licenses) and maintain a shared expiration date or separate expiration dates across devices, networks, or organizations.
  • Partial Renewals: Enjoy the ability to renew all your devices or a subset of devices, as you prefer. 
  • Move Licences Between Orgs: Org Admins (Read/Write) on multiple organizations are able to move a licence (or licences & devices together) between those organisations without calling Meraki support. This functionality is available through the dashboard and APIs. 
  • 90 Day Licence Activation Window: You will have up to 90 days to claim and assign your licenses before they activate – giving you more lead time to deploy Meraki products.
  • APIs: APIs are available to claim, assign and move licenses. This will allow a greater level of automation and the ability to integrate with other systems. 
  • Individual Device Shutdowns: If a license expires on a device, only that individual device or product will shut down (after the 30 grace period). 

Please reach out to us for more information and a quote if you would like to move to PER DEVICE licensing.