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Licence Renewal

Licence Renewal

We provide a simple and efficient way to renew your expiring Cisco Meraki Licences (even if you purchased them originally elsewhere) with great pricing and quick turn-around. Contact Us if you need help!

To find the licences that you need, please check your Meraki Dashboard under Organization>License Info.

There you will find a page similar to the one below, it will show you the current device count, and the number of licences you have currently.

It also shows whether you have MX Advanced Security / SD-WAN Plus enabled.

If you need help or have a larger renewal, just email us a screen-shot of your 'Organization>License Info' page to with your company details and renewal term required, and we will request special pricing from Meraki, then send you a quote.

If you are confident you can work out exactly which licences you require, then please select the product licence from the left side of this page to show the 1,3 or 5 Year options and add them to your cart before checking out.

Please note : it takes 1-2 business days for us to receive the Licence code back via email from Meraki, which we will then forward to you to apply. They don't work weekends, so if you order on a Friday, then expect not to see the Licence until Tuesday.

If you are in desperate need to renew because your dashboard is going to expire, you can get a short-term extension to the grace period by phoning Meraki Support and quoting your customer number.  This will allow you extra time to buy and receive the Licence and apply it.

How Meraki Licensing works

All current Cisco Meraki devices require a valid licence per device to operate.

When renewing a licence, or upgrading from Enterprise to an Advanced Security Licence on an MX, you must purchase a licence for ALL individual devices resident under the organisation at the same time.

For example - If you had an MX64 Enterprise licence and an AP Licence in the Dashboard, and you wanted to upgrade to the Advanced Security Licence on the MX64, you would need to purchase the MX64 Advanced Security Licence AND renew the AP license at the same time.

Organisation-wide Licensing

Cisco Meraki licensing is applied on an Organisation-wide basis. What this means is that a licence isn't purchased for a specific device, rather each licence added to the Organisation increases the number of a specific device type that can be added to the Organisation.
The number of devices in an organisation can not exceed the licence limitations, if this occurs the Organisation will enter a 30 day grace period during which the Organisation must be brought back in compliance. Should the Organisation not be brought back into Compliance it will be shut down until proper licensing is applied to the OrganisationNote: During the grace period clients will notice no difference.

Co-termination model

Cisco Meraki Licensing is either co-terminating (the traditional way) or they now offer as well a 'per-device' model. Co-terminating means the end dates for all licensing is averaged together based on device type and licensing limits. Suppose an organisation had 2 separate Enterprise AP licences, one license is for 2 APs spanning 1-year (365 days) and another for 1 AP spanning 5-years (1825 days). The co-termination value would be calculated as ((1825*1)+(365*2))/3= 851 days per AP. This allows an Organisation to add more devices and licences over time without having to worry about a myriad of licence expiration dates. 

Note: The organisation co-termination date does not depend on the current device count, but rather the license limit. Removing devices from a network or organisation will not impact the co-termination date.

To calculate how licenses impact each other in an organisation, use the Licence Calculator.

Per-device model

The Per-device model differs from Co-terminating in that each specific device gets a licence assigned to it, for a specific term. This provides more flexibility for licensing across separate sites or for when you want to retire equipment from the organisation at a specific time.

One day licences are available to assign to specific devices. It is not possible to split a 1 year licence across several devices.  You must have purchased one day licences if you wish to license individual devices for a defined period under one year.

MX Licensing special considerations

Each organisation is required to use either the Enterprise Edition, the Advanced Security Edition or SD-WAN Plus Edition uniformly. For example, you can have all 25 appliances using Enterprise Edition or Advanced Security Edition, but you cannot have 20 appliances using one edition and 5 using the other edition. 

The following table provides a list of the additional features you get with the Advanced Security Licence and SD-WAN Plus licence.

One of the key differentiators that the SD-WAN Plus licence has is Smart WAN Breakout which enables Application based breakout from the VPN, rather than just by IP/URL that the other versions support. 

 Features by Licence Option 



Advanced Security

Secure SD-WAN Plus 

Centralized management

Zero-touch firmware updates

True zero-touch provisioning

24x7 enterprise support

Open APIs

Automatic WAN failover

Sub-second site-to-site VPN failover

Sub-second dynamic path selection

Stateful firewall

VLAN to VLAN routing

Advanced Routing

Uplink Load Balancing/failover

3G / 4G cellular failover

Traffic shaping/prioritization

Site-to-site VPN

Client VPN

MPLS to VPN Failover

Splash pages

Configuration templates

Group Policies

Client connectivity alerts

Essential SD-WAN

Source-Based Routing

Local Breakout (IP based)

Geography based firewall rules


Intrusion detection & prevention


Content filtering


Youtube for Schools


Web Search Filtering


Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)


Umbrella DNS Integration**


Threat Grid Integration**


Web App Health Analytics


WAN Health Analytics


VoIP Health Analytics


Smart breakout 


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