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Why Cloud Managed IT is the way of the future

June 19, 2017

Still not convinced the cloud is for you? Read on. If the challenges involved in managing your employees’ bandwidth, security, and mobility needs are keeping you awake at night, we’ve got some tough news: the rapid pace at which technology changes means those challenges won’t go away anytime soon. Implementing a modern IT infrastructure that’s able to support always-connected mobile devices, data-hogging applications, and “bring your own device” (BYOD) practices is no longer a “nice-to-have”—it’s a necessity. The way forward lies in adopting a scalable solution that can grow as the demands and pressures on a network increase. The best way to achieve this goal is to migrate your IT infrastructure and manage it entirely through the cloud. Here are...

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Buying Guide for Cisco Meraki in Australia

June 09, 2017

We often find customers are confused when it comes to how to purchase Cisco Meraki hardware and licences in Australia so hopefully this article serves to set the record straight! Cisco Meraki has a unique distribution model worldwide due to the fact the hardware and licences are assigned to the particular end user that acquires the product.  They haven't quite worked out how to let worldwide distributors look after the assignment of serial numbers and licence codes, and keep track of it all -  so prefer to do this themselves in California still. This means that ALL products are shipped worldwide from California directly to you the end user customer on an order by order basis.  There is NO STOCK...

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