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Meraki Expand WiFi Access Point Range with 802.11ax

Cisco Meraki are constantly working to create innovative, intuitive, and industry-leading IT solutions and Meraki is continuing to invest in their wireless portfolio. Click on the link below for the latest guide to their product:

*Meraki Indoor Access Point Portfolio Guide*

Meraki & TCO

Each Meraki cloud-managed device needs a software license that provides access to the browser-based dashboard, seamless firmware upgrades, 24/7 support, and a lifetime warranty. The Meraki dashboard significantly decreases total-cost-of-ownership, lowering TCO for customers by 20-80% which is where the real value lies - making it easier to configure, troubleshoot and manage.

Meraki & WiFi 6

Cisco Meraki recently announced new WiFi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) compatible access points. The technology in WiFi 6 delivers greater throughput, efficiency, and battery life and makes it easier to design an efficient wireless network.  802.11ax is designed to operate in all band spectrums between 1 and 7 GHz when they become available in addition to the current 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and uses better power control methods to avoid interference with neighbouring networks.

MR20 Price Update

To create a broader price range across the Meraki wireless portfolio, they are also announcing a price reduction for the MR20 hardware beginning May 4, 2019. This price adjustment will expose more customers to the value of Meraki.