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September 19, 2016

Introducing MV Security Cameras

Today Meraki are thrilled to be launching their second brand new product line of 2016: Meraki Vision. MV security cameras are another step towards the goal that their MC product line kicked off in May, broadening Meraki’s impact beyond just networking and unifying more components of IT.

By leveraging advances in solid state memory technology and Meraki’s expertise in cloud management, MV removes the need for additional on premise hardware and standalone software packages, like the network video recorder (NVR) and video management software (VMS).

In an industry particularly encumbered with dated technology, they're eager to streamline and simplify purchasing, deployment, and monitoring of video security systems.

More information on the MV Product line can be found here.

August 01, 2016

The value of Meraki to your organisation

Let's face it, Cisco Meraki offers a solution that is not inexpensive when compared to some other WiFi, switching and security vendor's offerings. We are often asked why it attracts this price premium. Here are the key features that count towards its supreme value for use in many organisations.

Scalable Controllerless Architecture - Meraki's cloud managed model means there are no expensive WLAN controllers required.  The Cloud dashboard is infinitely scalable to properly manage hundreds of devices across multiple networks.

Ease of Management - Meraki solutions are the easiest to deploy and manage.  Just configure your whole network in the Dashboard, send the devices to a site and plug them in - without the need for a highly specialised network engineer on staff.

Deep network visibility - Layer 7 visibility and management for fine-grained control over how network bandwidth is used, which clients are accessing the network and what they are looking at.

Bulletproof security - Fully PCI compliant architecture, internal firewall, intrusion prevention, network anti-malware, and anti-virus, automatic rogue AP detection and isolation.

High-density support - Automatically optimises and delivers superior performance in high-density wireless environments under intense interference conditions. Ability to configure multiple SSIDs for specific uses at a site each with a different policy.

Remote Support and Live Troubleshooting - Ethernet cable testing, event logs, and live packet captures right from the dashboard. Ping a printer to see if its online, see what is happening with your Internet connection in real time.

Mobility management - Systems Manager is the only solution that provides unified management of mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and the entire network from a centralised dashboard. Automate device onboarding, deploy apps, and enforce security restrictions easily.

May 31, 2016

New Product - the Cisco Meraki MC74 Phone

Cisco Meraki recently announced the release of their first Communications product the MC74 Phone that will be unbelievably easy to deploy and integrate perfectly with the rest of their Cloud Managed Networking products.  

Unfortunately for Australian Customers we haven't got access to this product just yet though, as the details of a Service Provider within the Meraki Dashboard to provide the backend haven't been finalised. We are eagerly awaiting access to what looks like a game changing product!

Using the Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Dashboard administrators can easily add new phones to the network, even remotely! The phone can be unboxed at its destination, connected to the network and automatically provisioned instantly from a pre-defined config.

A number range can be obtained from a service provider from within the Meraki Dashboard itself, further simplifying creating a telephony network and making it easier to deploy for small to medium business than ever before.

The phone itself has a high-definition, color, 7” IPS-backlit touchscreen display for easy navigation, and front and side USB headset ports and 3.5mm audio headset socket amongst other innovative Features.  


April 04, 2016

Set Sail Meraki Switches Promo

Meraki Set Sail Switch Promo

Cisco Meraki have a special offer for first time Meraki Switch customers where you can buy any MS Switch with a 1 year cloud management license, and get upgraded to a 5 year license at no additional cost!

That's a significant saving on switch licenses if you are outfitting your office and you get all the ease of management benefits that go along with using a true Cloud Managed product.  

Think about how great it will be to be able to easily view performance, remotely troubleshoot any device connectivity issues, run a cable test, or perform bulk port configuration updates -  all from the Cisco Meraki Cloud Dashboard with only a few clicks!

For more information and to request a quote, head to our contact page to get in touch.

February 26, 2016

Cloudifi enters USA Meraki market

Cloudifi has brought it considerable experience in Cisco Meraki procurement to the fore with the launch of its Cloud Managed WiFi branded Cisco Meraki Web Store Cloudmanagedwifi today at

We aim to bring our experience with the product, relationships with the Cisco Meraki USA team and support from our Cisco Meraki Distributor partners in the USA together to form the newest and most relevant Cisco Meraki supplier in the USA.

The Cisco Meraki web store has been carefully designed to make procurement of Cisco Meraki Licenses easy, capturing existing Serial Numbers at the time of order placement which allows fast processing by the Cloudifi, Inc. team.

Cloudmanagedwifi, a division of Cloudifi, Inc. will serve customers throughout the USA in all States of America and offer fast online ordering of the entire Cisco Meraki product range. 

April 08, 2015

Cloudifi implements Hills Educational Foundation Meraki network

Hills Educational Foundation, first established in 1992, incorporates Hills International College, Hills Language College and Hills Golf Academy and was one of the first colleges in Australia purpose built for both Australian and International Students.  It is a K-12, Co-ed and non-denominational day and boarding school situated on a truly beautiful 660 acre semi-rural area 40 kilometres from Brisbane, Queensland.

With a view to move to a 1:1 iPad device policy in the proceeding 12 months, Hills began investigating how they could deliver a seamless network experience for Students and Staff across the campus that would provide both the performance and ease of manageability the school was looking for. 

Cisco Meraki was selected as the Vendor of choice over several competing technologies due to its unique combination of a solid Wi-Fi offering that incorporated robust Guest management features, a Cloud managed switch platform, an integrated Security Appliance, as well as robust Mobile Device Management capabilities all accessible from within the one Dashboard. 

As the IT Manager Craig Montgomery explains "Meraki was the logical choice to use whether that was in the classrooms, dormitories, guest houses, outdoor areas, or on the golf greens".  "Cloudifi were great when it came to clearly articulating their thoughts as to how the Meraki product range could be used to best fit our environment and serve our requirements, making the decision easy."

Ultimately seventy five Access Points - either MR34, MR18 or MR66 models, twenty six MS220 Switches, four MS320 Switches, and an MX400 Security Appliance would be installed over a period of 7 days on site. The network was designed from the ground up to completely replace the existing legacy network incorporating the best design and security principles.

Cloudifi, that hails from across the country in Perth, provided the Meraki equipment, completed the design work and pre-config of the network in the Cloud Dashboard remotely, and then came to site and installed the equipment and conducted performance testing before leaving.

"It was no barrier to a successful implementation working with a partner that didn't have a local presence" Montgomery espouses. "With the Cloud Management of the Meraki network, it was all done before the guys arrived and now they just assist when needed in the Dashboard - what I see is what they can see. This really lowered our on going support costs."

April 07, 2014

Cloudifi lead consultants for Red Rooster and Oporto deal

As part of a project for Quick Service Restaurant Holdings, Cloudifi is providing consulting services for the design and deployment of Guest WiFi as well as Switching infrastructure using Cisco Meraki equipment for up to 600 Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat stores across Australia. 

Cisco Meraki was chosen as the preferred vendor due to its unique ability to be deployed across many locations simultaneously using its Cloud Management Platform and for the security of its Guest Wifi offering as well as its Social Media integration.

Independent Electrical contractors will be installing the devices in store where once powered on they will automatically download their configurations from the Cloud and be up and running within minutes - totally obviating the need for the pre-staging of each separate device manually.

This meant that Meraki could be deployed for a fraction of the cost of other systems, and QSRH get to enjoy the benefit of an Enterprise grade network with its reliability, support and feature set, in all of their outlets.