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Cisco Meraki Customer Advisories

It’s often the case that Cisco Meraki only need to inform rather than warn customers because they've already patched systems before a vulnerability becomes common knowledge. This was the case with several ransomware attacks seen earlier this year.

Thanks to the integration of Cisco Talos intelligence into the Meraki MX, customers with the Advanced Security license are proactively protected against malicious actors through world-class intrusion and malware detection. In other cases, like the recently uncovered KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability, firmware which addressed the issue was prepared ahead of public disclosure, meaning we merely needed to inform customers and prompt them to upgrade, where necessary.

Whether to require action, or simply to inform, Cisco Meraki want to ensure they are communicating as transparently as possible in a way that is easy to keep track of.

To this end, they have introduced the new Cisco Meraki Customer Advisories page. This page will act as a chronological repository of issues that have the potential to impact Meraki customers, regardless of whether it’s an industry-wide issue or one relating to Meraki technology.