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Now is the time to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6!

Meraki is now making the transition to their Wi-Fi 6 Access Points with the End-of-life of the older APs announced recently - we will see these progressively phased out until around mid-year 2021.

Wi-fi 6 offers several new improvements to make it the highest performing set of wireless protocols ever developed. Not only will Wi-Fi 6 boost overall performance, but it is designed to perform efficiently in real-world scenarios and support increased client density.

Wi-Fi 6's performance exceeds 802.11ac Wave 2 by over 3-4 times, and supports higher density with more efficient airtime, which provides for a higher scale of client devices, and significant battery saving. As the number of clients increase, Wi-Fi 6 will be able to sustain far more consistent data throughput than previous 802.11n and 802.11ac amendments.

The next several years will see a 50% increase in networked devices per person, resulting in an average of 3.6 connected devices per person. As device counts increase, users are also expecting a more rich and seamless wireless experience. WiFi6 can deliver that!

In the last three months, Wi-Fi 6 shipments have nearly doubled as customers embrace enhanced performance. Wi-Fi 6 will allow you to modernise your network and be ready for a world that will see a 300% increase in mobile device speeds by 2023.

Let us help you make the transition to WiFi 6!

Check out the Meraki MR36-HW as the replacement to the Meraki MR33-HW as a starting point and there are also new outdoor models starting with the Meraki MR76-HW.