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Companies are having employees working from home due to Coronavirus mandatory shut downs so to help them keep their networks secure use the Cisco Meraki's Z-Series which is a teleworker gateway that is an enterprise-class firewall, VPN gateway, and router. 

Meraki Z3 Teleworker Device Deployment

    • Hardware VPN option for remote workers
    • Meraki can drop-ship the Z3 to the teleworker's house.
    • Once connected it would Auto-VPN back to HQ Meraki MX appliance through either the wireless SSID or hardwired LAN Ports.
    • POE port to hardwire their Cisco phone (or 3rd party phone)
    • Ability to Monitor Staff Productivity at Home
    • Secure VPN with Umbrella through HQ MX
    • Zero Touch provisioning through dashboard
    • Ability to block & stifle bandwidth on non-business critical apps



The Meraki MR30H WAP is also a cheap and viable solution to offer a secure connection back to head office via a WiFi connected device in the home. With the addition of the MR Advanced Licence, secure VPN with the protection of Cisco Umbrella at the end point is automatic.


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