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Cisco on combatting the Grey Market Fraudsters

An interesting article popped up recently on CRN about how Cisco battles the supply of Grey Market gear. Read the article here.

It serves as a reminder that in these times of limited supply, that if a company selling gear says it's 'in stock' when other genuine partners are quoting a lead time - it may be grey market equipment.  

Grey market products, gear sold legally outside the brand’s permission by unauthorised dealers as well as fake and altered Cisco products, are undercutting legitimate business for solution providers to the tune of $1.2 billion a year. 

There is also a lot of second hand, or worse stolen gear that is still tied to some other company's dashboard floating around. Cisco won't offer warranty on this gear if it fails, as the warranty sits with the original end user only. 

Cloudifi Pty Ltd. is a fully authorised Cisco Registered Select Partner and reseller of legitimate Cisco equipment only.  We have been working with Cisco Meraki for over 9 years in Australia and have hundreds of satisfied customers here.