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Cloudifi Guest Connect

Cloudifi Guest Connect

Cloudifi Guest Connect is a beautifully simple - Cisco Meraki integrated - Captive Portal / Splash page solution developed by the team at Cloudifi.

It is tightly integrated with the Meraki Dashboard and utilises our own custom-built Radius Server for authentication and Meraki Group Policy application to Guest sessions.

We have developed the solution to appeal to those customers that want a simple Guest Access solution to use with their Meraki MR Cloud Managed Access Points that don't want to pay for the sometimes rarely used 'marketing' features of other Splash access solutions. 

Guest Connect is the ONLY solution on the market that works with Meraki APs to set an enforceable time and/or data download limit per client, per day.

Features of Cloudifi Guest Connect (in addition to those Meraki natively provides) include :

  • Tightly integrated with Cisco Meraki Access Points and the Meraki Cloud Dashboard. 
  • Multiple authentication mechanisms including Guest name and email address, Click-through only, Voucher code, Paypal Express for paid access.
  • Optional Single or Multiple device support per Voucher
  • Hard Time limits applied to Guest sessions whereby Guests will only be able to use the WiFi for a defined session time per a defined time period. eg 1 hour every 4 hours.  (Out-of-the-box the Meraki time limit is a soft time limit, which disconnects a Guest from a session, but then will allow them to immediately re-connect).
  • Hard Data limits applied to Guest sessions whereby Guests will only be able to use the WiFi up to a pre-defined download limit per a defined time period. eg 200MB every 4 hours. (Out-of-the-box Meraki has no mechanism to set or enforce a client download limit). 
  • Automatic Off-line mode for Guest WiFi where failover to Mobile Data Internet connection is detected. 
  • Collection of Guest username and Email address which is exportable as a .csv file.
  • Meraki Group Policies are automatically applied to specific Authentication paths to control session bandwidth, implement custom firewall rules, Layer 7 application restrictions and scheduling.
  • Standardised Mobile-friendly Splash page in light or dark formats where the image and logo are easily interchanged to customise for the venue's requirements.
  • New Corporate version with internally sponsored access provided via an SMS code to the Guest with the ability to set time and data usage, number of devices and Group Policy assignment.

    Cloudifi Guest Connect is ideal for Guest WiFi authentication in hotels, quick service restaurants retail outlets, shopping centres, cafes, bars, outdoor events, exhibitions, concerts, education facilities and in commercial settings.

    Cloudifi Guest Connect has been designed as a simple, cost effective, but powerful solution that takes full advantage of all the Meraki specific control features found in their Dashboard and builds on them to give much improved Guest access control.

    Cloudifi Guest Connect pricing starts from an affordable $249 plus GST annually for a single AP using our standard Click-through portal with time restriction.

    Our pricing model is based on a per AP charge, per site, per annum and varies depending on the features required.  Please reach out for a custom quote.

    For more information, a quote and a live demo that you can test, please contact us